Murray River Salt® Flakes Chef Box 250g (8.82oz)

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Murray River Salt® Flakes are delicate and soft in texture and enhance your food without overpowering it. This product is not suitable for use in grinder units.  Within the 250g Home Chef’s Box is a sealed clear inner bag containing the Murray River Salt® Flakes. Close the inner bag securely after use or store flakes in an airtight container to prevent moisture absorption. 

Murray River 
Pink Salt Flakes
8.82oz (250grm)

Keep in a sealed container at room temperature away from moisture.

Shelf Life 
5 Years

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Pure Australian Inland Salt Flakes

Delicate salt flake crystals. Natural salmon pink appearance. Uniquely soft tasting and odorless.

Nutritional Information
Typical Salt Analysis

Typical analysis is on a dry weight basis. Typical free moisture is 0.5 g / 100g.
Various elements and bound moisture account for the remaining 1%.
All percentages are mass per mass basis.

Country of Manufacture
Made in Australia.

Store in a cool dry location and keep sealed.

General Comments
Murray River Salt is Kosher Certified, Allergen free and Pesticide free! This product is non perishable and is produced under the Australian & New Zealand Food Standards Code and under HACCP.

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