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Golden Grove Global LLC, Doing Business As Murray River Salt USA, exclusively provides Murray River Salt to the United States.  Our company ‘Golden Grove’ traces its roots to the first Australian colony, which today is known as Sydney, New South Wales.  On January 26, 1788, the first fleet arrived in Port Jackson Harbour Australia; one of its supply ships was the Golden Grove.  

“Our products are the highest quality, natural, gourmet, non GMO and without additives that are harmful to health. We deliver direct from source in sealed containers without repackaging or risking cross contamination of our high quality products”

Packaged at Source


Murray River Salt® Flakes are packaged at the source in a secure clean environment and is NOT repackaged elsewhere where there is risk of cross contamination and damage to a product.  

Murray River Salt USA provides Murray River Salt® Flakes produced using the pristine mineralized brines from ancient saline aquifers of the Murray Darling basin.

Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes®



SunSalt was established in 1983 and began producing salt from underground saline water at Hattah in North West Victoria. With the significant knowledge and experience gained in extracting value-added salts from inland brine, Murray River Salt was formed in 2000. Murray River Salt began producing premium gourmet salt flakes by utilising concentrated brine from the Mourquong Salt Mitigation Basin, located 13 kilometres northwest of Mildura in New South Wales 



The ancient inland concentrated brine found within the Mourquong Mitigation Basin is recognised for its purity and mineral content.  This pristine saline water source has been trapped underground for many years and has not been exposed to the elements until it is pumped up for salt production.  The pure mineralised brine travels through several canals before entering a crystallizer pond.  The brine is evaporated by the sun and crystallizes over the summer months where it is then harvested and transported to Mildura where the salt flakes are packaged in a food grade environment. 



 Murray River Salt has worked closely with government authorities to access the brine from the Mourquong Salt Mitigation Basin which is part of the Salt Interception Scheme which is a vital scheme that ensures saline water does not enter the precious fresh water resources in the Murray Darling Basin such as the Murray River.Murray River Salt has been able to tap into a natural resource and convert it into a value added gourmet food product whilst contributing to protecting our environment from the detrimental effects of salinity.  In 2004, the Governor General awarded Sunsalt the National Institute of Engineers Salinity Award.  This award is for companies who have demonstrated successful methods of reducing salinity impacts on the environment.